About Van de Wetering Greenhouses...


Van de Wetering Greenhouses, Inc. consists of 20 acres of greenhouses: 14 acres of Dutch glass greenhouses all manufactured in the Netherlands, and six acres of poly houses.  In addition to this, there is also six acres of outside field production.  All of which is nestled on a thirty-eight acre farm on Eastern Long Island, just 30 miles west of the Cross Sound Ferry, which leads for great access to the New England markets.  This corporation was established in July of 1989. At that time, Van de Wetering only produced two crops: annual plugs and Cyclamen plants.  Due to continued customer demand for other plant products, Van de Wetering Greenhouses now offers approximately thirty-seven various plant products year round.




Plant Shipments:

Ninety-Five percent of all plant material is shipped via grower truck. Product is shipped on rolling racks in temperature-controlled trailers.  The remaining five percent of our material is federal expressed to greenhouse operations.  This applies to 2 products – annual plugs and rooted liners.  Plug trays are packed two or four per box, 216 rooted liners are packed 3 or 6 to a box, and mum liners are packed 3 to a box. All are federal expressed overnight to customer’s facility.  


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